Dried Sugarcane Molasses Powder


What's dried molasses powder?

Molasses is a viscous by-product of the sugar refining process. Sugar cane is crushed and the juice is boiled over and over. The result actually has a low sugar content, but high mineral and vitamin content. The robust flavor and syrupy texture makes it a perfect addition to gingerbread, molasses cake, and barbeque sauces.

This powder is the perfect addition to campfire cooking as liquid molasses can be rather heavy to lug around. Looking to sweeten up a barbeque rub? Molasses powder will give you some sweetness and a hint of bitter. Dried molasses used as an ingredient in feeds or in forages. The palatability yield of 1 kg of dried molasses is equivalent to the yield obtained when using 4 kg of liquid molasses. Dried molasses is also enriched with micro and macro minerals and it does not offer any risk of fermentation.

Advantages of dried molasses:

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Dosage & Administration:

In Ration: Dairy cattle, Beef cattle, Sheep, Goat..
Fish: 2% of the ration
In roughage (Silage, Chopped forage, Hay & Straw):
Dairy cattle: 200 gm per day
Beef cattle: 350 gm per day
Sheep & goat: 100 gm per day
For Ensilage: 20 kg of dried molasses per ton of forage


  1. Use for animal feed
  2. Benefit: Increase of milk production, daily increase of fattening calves growth.
  3. Reduce production cost and labor required for feeding, less feed selection by the cow, synchronization of carbohydrate and protein availability in the rumen, and lower rumen acidity



50 kgs/ PPbag, 20 tons/ 40’HC or as customer requested.


By:  Sea, Air, Trucking

Leadtime:  15-25days 

Port of loading: Hai phong/HCM
0237 8655 789