- By-product was collected from canned sweet corn factories ( Corn cob & Corn husk)

- Dried bagasse

- Pineapple skin 

Crushed peanut shell

- Molasses

Compound Feed by definition are made from many different components, normally comprising materials such as grains, meals, pellets, Palm Kernel (PKE) and food by-products used for animal feed. Understanding the quality and composition of these feeds is important to ensure that an animal's diet is appropriately and balanced for optimal output. For a more complete listing of our compound feed testing options and the associated test details, please contact us to email:


     The term compound feed or mixed feed silage may be defined as, "the practice of weighing and blending all feedstuffs into a complete ration which provides adequate nourishment to meet the needs of dairy cows". Each bite consumed contains the required level of nutrients (energy, protein, minerals and vitamins) needed by the cow.


The dairy farmer has more control over the feeding program.

  • All forages, grains, protein supplements, minerals and vitamins are thoroughly mixed. Therefore, the cow can do very little sorting for individual ration ingredients.
  • Completely blended feeds, coupled with grouping the cows, permits greater flexibility in feeding exact amounts of nutrients (energy, protein, etc.) to more accurately feed cows for their particular stage of lactation and level of milk yield.
  • Grain mixtures can be liberally fed to grouped high producers without overfeeding the late-lactation or lower-producing cows, resulting in more efficient use of feeds.


Cows should be grouped by production levels.

  • Grouping cows is not feasible in small herds (less than 50 cows).
  • Grouping cows is not easy if the cowshed cannot handle various numbers of cows in each group
  • If not grouped according to production, cows in late lactation are likely to get too fat.

Special equipment is needed.
  • The equipment must have the capability to thoroughly blend the feed ingredients.
  • The mixer-wagon, preferably mobile, must be capable of accurately weighing each ingredient.



by Jumbo bag or PP bag as customer requested.


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