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Bagasse is the residual fibre resulting from the extraction of sugarcane juice. There are two main types of bagasse.
  • Factory bagasse comes from industrial processes involving repeated extraction steps. The bagasse is the fibrous by-product of sugarcane stalks milled for juice extraction. The fibre is passed through sieves to remove fine particles which may be used as a filter aid later in the process, or as a feedstuff (“pith bagasse”). Much of the bagasse provides the energy required for the operation of the factory. 
  • Pressed cane stalks, or “farm bagasse” is obtained from on-farm or small factory cane fractionation that uses only 2 or 3 crushers. Due to the reduced efficiency of the extraction process (50% vs. 70% extraction rate), it contains higher amounts of sugar-rich juice and is more valuable for ruminants.

Product Features:

Use for animal feed
Reduce production cost and labor required for feeding, less feed selection by the cow, synchronization of carbohydrate and protein availability in the rumen, and lower rumen acidity

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