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Maize cobs are a by-product of the maize crop, consisting of the central fibrous rachis of the female inflorescence (the maize “ear”). While the whole maize ear (with the grains, with or without the husks) is also sometimes called a maize cob, this datasheet concerns only the maize cob without the grains. The development of maize processing in the 20th century resulted in an increase in the volumes of this by-product. About 180 kg of cobs are obtained from each ton of maize shelled. In the USA, it was estimated that about 50 million t of cobs were produced annually in the 2000s, most of them being left on the field, and maize cobs are a major by-product in many maize producing countries.
Maize cobs are a highly fibrous product with many agricultural and industrial applications. In agriculture, they are used for fuel, litter for poultry and other animals, mulch and soil conditioner, and as fodder for ruminants despite their low nutritive value. Their absorbency and abrasiveness makes them useful for several industrial applications. They can absorb finishing fluids, oil and water in industrial applications, and also help to clean up industrial or environmental spills. They are excellent carriers for vitamins and antibiotics in animal feed, and for herbicides and pesticides in lawn care products. 

Product Features:

  1. Use for animal feed
  2. Benefit
  3. Reduce production cost and labor required for feeding, less feed selection by the cow, synchronization of carbohydrate and protein availability in the rumen, and lower rumen acidity

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